Out Of The Blogging Office Folkz!

Hello All, Well the computer programming and systems analyst ‘thang’ got almost dumped in full back in 2009 after a good year long, solo, coast to coast walk about. Good Thing! Now I just climb, backpack, play with horses, play with dogz, and mostly just Farm. Yes… Farm. I still do some IT consulting for only cool people. You can find our dilapidated website for the farm at: http://www.DiggingInTheDirtFarms.US. We have nothing much there but will revise it again (maybe) if we can stop surfing Facebook long enough in the little bit of rest time we totally waste there. Who buys vegetables and dried Tomatoes and Okra and stuff anyway on the Internet? We ain’t worried about the website. *snicker* Look for us soon at the downtown Farmers Markets in Cullman and Arab, Alabama. Cheers!  Here is our word of advice for today and all others: Log Off NOW. Shut that blasted computer DOWN. Throw that Stupid phone away… and … GO OUTSIDE!  :)-
Have a nice day whoever you are, wherever you are!  Super Dog and I are… Out ‘O Here!
Peace – Dean

Ps: Oh… I am over on Ello and G+ Too, but both of those are more freaking boring than a stupid indoor climbing wall. 🙂


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